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About Us

Greener global exports is one of the world's leading distributor, exporter and suppliers of crude, refined edible palm oil, palm nuts and palm oil byproducts in Nigeria. Provision and supply of quality and best edible oil palm and its byproducts is our utmost priority as a company.

Products & Services

We deliver the best crude, refined edible oil and palm oil byproducts for your wonderful African and intercontinental cusinse's, industrial and beauty production and usage. We export to the following countries; Germany, Canada, India, USA, UK, China, Singapore, Russia, South Korea, Egypt, South Korea, Egypt, South Africa, etc. Some of our major products include;

Our products

Palm Fruits

We deliver fresh palm fruits to any location.

Palm Oil

We deliver quality oil in any quantity to your desired location around the world.

Cooking Oil

We also deliver quality Cooking oil in any quantity to your desired location around the world.

Red Oil

We deliver quality oil at large and meduim quantity for industrial usage and application.

Palm Nuts and Other byproducts

We deliver other palm fruit extracts and byproducts at affordable prices.

Our Goals

Our goal as a company is to give the world the best edible oil for healthy living and better life as well as palm oil byproducts for industrial servicing

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